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Pro Tips for Diving You Need Now!

Pro Tips for Diving You Need Now!

Scuba diving can be fun, exhilarating, and eye-opening. While scuba diving, you truly get to see some of the greatest wonders of the world. But, as a new scuba diver, instead of cherishing the water, you may be focused on whether or not you’re diving properly. Whether you’re looking for diving reassurance, or are seeking out ways you can improve your diving skills, here are four pro tips for diving you need now!

1.) Gain More Experience


Scuba diving is just like anything else in life: practice makes perfect. It is normal if you feel uneasy about diving. But, the more you dive, the less you will feel uneasy. Gaining more diving experience will also help you regulate your breathing. Beginner divers will typically use majority of their air tank, regardless of how long the dive was. But, that’s normal. As you gain more experience, a dive may consist of you initially breathing more, but quickly regulating your breath. Before you know it, diving will become second nature, and you’ll begin to feel more like a mermaid than a diver.

2.) Slowly Add Air

Controlling your buoyancy compensator (BC) can be difficult to get the hang of. When you’re new to diving, and you want to quickly establish a stable buoyancy, it can be easy to overestimate how much air you need to add to your BC. Realize that your BC processes air slower than you think. It’s important to remember to add a small amount of air to our BC, pause, and then breath and move around a bit to see how your buoyancy has changed. If you need more air, then repeat the process. Finally, it’s extremely important to remember that adding air to your BC will not allow you to ascend. When you want to ascend, simply release air in slow increments, and use your fins to kick.

3.) Disregard Peer Pressure


While scuba diving is typically the most fun when with friends, it’s important to remember that the diving experience is ultimately personalized. Everyone has different experiences in the water, and it’s important that everyone is respectful of that. If you ever find yourself in a dive, with other people, that you don’t feel comfortable with, it’s okay to ascend back to the boat. Any professional and caring diver will be respectful and understanding if you decide to sit out on a dive you aren’t comfortable with.

4.) Purchase the Right Gear

There can be serious complications underwater if you don’t purchase the right gear. But, when you purchase your gear, it’s important you put the effort in purchasing the best of every piece of equipment. New divers typically splurge on everything but a mask. This is a mistake. People scuba dive to see underwater wonders of the world. With a poorly constructed mask that inhibits your ability to see, there’s little to no reason to scuba dive.